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Building a Client Intake Workflow with Formstack Copilot

December 1, 2021
Min Read

PRODUCT UPDATE: As of February 14, 2024, Copilot is now known as Workflows! Visit this page to learn how you can leverage new Workflows features.

Copilot is the newest piece of the Formstack puzzle!

After we close business, the first interactions we have with our new customers are some of the most important. Your digital front door can start with a workflow powered by Copilot.

With Copilot, solving the common workplace process of Client Intake is scalable. To accomplish this workflow, you have to:

  • Client Intake form built in Formstack Forms
  • Client Intake Document created in Formstack Documents
  • Workflow in Copilot with the above form, document, and Sign step

After building your Form and Document elements, you’ll hop into Copilot’s drag and drop builder to set up your workflow. First you’ll drag in the Form step and select the form you just created. Then, you’ll add a Document step and select the document. After that you’ll create a Sign step. With Sign, you’ll map the data collected from Forms into Sign fields to intelligently route the document to the right person for signature! Once complete, you can test and push your workflow live.


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